About Us


Ace technologies ltd. is a locally registered company in Kenya under the Companies Act (Cap 486) under the Laws of Kenya.

The Company offers full array of technology solutions, building works and industrial supplies and laboratory equipment using the latest technology, solutions, systems and services; geared towards promoting, developing and maintaining needs of various companies, organizations and institutions. Our stated mission is to make a direct contribution to our clients’ business performance by providing solutions onsite, over the phone, online, or at the company’s premises.


We aim to be the trusted advisor and service provider to our clients by helping them enhance their business performance and processes through innovative and quality products and services.


To empower our clients through innovative and effective products and services and directly contribute towards their business performance by providing highest level of products and services, support and technical backup.

Core Values

Building a corporate heritage heralded by active responsive management and guided by firmly held values:

Customer centric: We exist to serve the needs of our customers, however challenging or different they may be. We are always looking for better ways to create superior customer experience through continuous improvement of our services and keeping our commitments.

Integrity: We are guided by probity and highest business ethics in carrying out our business.

Teamwork: We operate as a team and fully subscribe to the principles of collaborative work as a key attribute to achieving our objectives.

Excellence: We seek the highest standards of management, service delivery and professionalism.

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